Saturday, July 16, 2011

Vegas with Dave and Kellie with a Surprise visit with Andi and Tara

Dave and Kellie are our best friends from college. We love hanging out with these guys and miss them dearly now that we don't live in AZ anymore. I'm not the best at keeping in contact long distance but with these two we always pick up right where we left off. We have taken many trips to Vegas together, many road trips in college and then a few more upscale trips after graduation. Our last trip was a few years ago for fourth of July but then life got busy and then had a beautiful little boy so we spent more time chilling at home.

Anyways let's get to the point. Kellie and I have been wanting to see Celine for years. When we heard she was returning to Vegas we booked our tickets and our trip to Vegas immediatley!! We were so excited for this trip to have a weekend away and relive old times with our best friends.

This is the four of us many years ago, probably close to 6 years ago... WOW

Here are our attempts at recreating this picture this trip

Kellie and I at our beloved Celine Dion show

Dinner before the show with the boys

Now what made this trip even more amazing that I thought it was going to be is that I found out a week before we left that my best friend Andi from high school was going to be in Vegas with her sister Tara the same weekend. We planned a rendevous at the Flamingo pool on Saturday. Since we had no luck finding lawn chairs in the sun on Saturday Kellie and I splurged and got the 5 of us our own pool bed where we camped ourselves for the day and worked on our tans and beer bellies.

This was one of the best Vegas trips I can remember!!! We all met up the last night to do some gambling at Bill's but Kellie and I didn't last long and made it an early night. I guess were getting a little old but we still enjoyed ourselves.
Note: This is a horrible picture of me and I'm embarrassed to share it but it's the only one I have of the whole crew so I had to post it.

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